Posted on Jul 17, 2023

Barbie, the world's most popular doll, continues to influence the fashion world and pop culture. With the highly anticipated "Barbie" film directed by Greta Gerwig on the horizon, Barbiecore, an aesthetic inspired by the iconic Barbie doll, has experienced a resurgence in popularity, capturing the essence of nostalgia and empowerment associated with the iconic doll. This has inspired us to delve into to explore how artists have appropriated this trend.

Barbiecore, the fashion aesthetic inspired by the iconic Barbie doll, has a rich history that dates back to the 1950s. Introduced by Mattel and initially associated with the “American way of life”, Barbie quickly became a cultural icon and a symbol of femininity, glamor and aspiration.

Over the years, Barbie has become a symbol of female emancipation while perpetuating ultra-gendered stereotypes and an aesthetic rooted in heteronormative and Western ideals of beauty.

While the Barbiecore aesthetic continued to evolve discreetly at the turn of the 2000s and 2010s, and the Barbie doll went through a crisis due to little girls' lack of interest in this stereotypical doll, the late 2010s and early 2020s brought it a new lease of life.

Firstly, Barbiecore's rise aligns with the resurgence of Y2K style, which has captivated the fashion world in recent years. The fashion trend evokes nostalgia for the early 2000s, the Noughties, reminiscent of icons like Paris Hilton and Elle Woods, and their vibrant colors, flashy accessories, feminine silhouettes, and bold patterns. We encourage you to take a look at our Noughties collection, which will transport you right back to the early 2000s.

Valentino's Pink PP collection in 2022 played a pivotal role in catapulting Barbiecore into the world of high fashion. The collection featured monochromatic hot pink looks, capturing the essence of Barbie's signature style and sparking a renewed interest in the aesthetic.

Many stars and content creators have adopted this aesthetic, and the release of the highly anticipated "Barbie" film, further propelled Barbiecore's into the mainstream.

The film has generated immense excitement and inspired individuals to embrace the aesthetic in their own personal style. With teasers and promotional images circulating, the anticipation surrounding the movie has contributed to the resurgence of Barbiecore's in fashion, music, social media and more.

For example, while artists such as Ariana Grande and Shakira still referenced the style, the year 2022 and then 2023 saw the emergence of numerous music videos with a hyper-Barbie aesthetic, now associated as much with the doll's pop culture as with a new form of freedom of expression.

These clips include "Super Freaky Girl" by Nicki Minaj, directed by Joseph Kahn, "Princess Diana" by Ice Spice, directed by Edgar Esteves, "Dance The Night" by Dua Lipa, directed by Greta Gerwig, and "Barbie World" by Nicki Minaj, directed by Hannah Lux Davis.

In a way, the search results for Barbiecore from our Artificial Intelligence reflect the entire history of this phenomenon. Our AI naturally searches for dolls, lots of pink, blonde hair, accessories, artificial settings, dreamlike atmospheres, and more.

But it goes further, offering more offbeat and trashy shots. Barbie Flim responds to the stereotypes associated with Barbie since her creation, as well as the modern interpretation created by contemporary artists, and the interpretation made by our AI based on its global knowledge of this mainstream and paradoxical aesthetic. Barbie in 2023 assumes its mainstream status and is provocative.

As Barbiecore continues to evolve, it encapsulates both the nostalgia of the past and the enduring influence of Barbie's empowering message: "You can be anything". Ultimately, over the years, Barbiecore is about feeling confident and embracing one's individuality. It's not about conforming to societal norms but rather celebrating personal style, feeling empowered, embracing femininity, and expressing our unique bold style. The freedom to express oneself, whether through a pink bra or a long dress, defines the essence of Barbiecore .

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