The Shining, 1980

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Posted on Oct 13, 2021

We have recently developed an important feature in our search engine: find similar images. This feature is made to help you find a similar atmosphere to the one you are working on. This new tool is very useful to create moodboards and get inspired and can be used endlessly in our database. First, select an image, you'll find at the bottom of it similar images and a Find similar button, you can click on it and then just follow the flow of our algorithm that will guide you through similar images with the same colors, esthetics and structure. Depending on how you start your search, our AI interpretation can be literal or more conceptual. For example, if you search for "quiet motel in a parking lot at night," start with this still from Battle of the Sexes and discover several images with horizontal composition, floating time, static atmosphere, and iconographic elements like cars, streetlights, or smooth asphalt.


If you start with a more abstract still image, our AI will take into account shapes, colors and the general mood. Try this still from Suspiria: this time our search engine is less interested in the iconographic element (the ceiling and its stained glass) than in disturbing perspective, geometric shapes and bright colors like a kaleidoscope.


Your turn: explore our database and dive into the infinity of Flim.

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