100 Talents in 30 Days

Posted on Dec 8, 2023

Focus on Production Designers and Set Designers

1 million images means millions of hours spent on viewing, clicking and curating each images. But this is not just about numbers; it's about celebrating the creative community that has made Flim what it is today.

To celebrate this milestone, we've meticulously curated a selection of 100 talents from our platform, chosen for the richness, quality, and diversity of their work. After the many directors and DOPs featured on Instagram, it's now time for art direction to take the stage.

Today, we’ve handpicked a league of production designers and art directors who bring life, color, and vision to songs and brands. All weaving their expertise and creative wizardry into ads and music videos that have captivated us in recent years.

Louise Mekylla Bachir - Production designer & Art director

K-pop, Travis Scott x Bad Bunny x The Weeknd, 2023 K-pop, Travis Scott x Bad Bunny x The Weeknd, 2023

Libre,Angèle,2022 Libre, Angèle, 2022

Peur des filles,L'Impératrice,2021 Peur des filles, L'Impératrice, 2021

Burnin,Petit Biscuit,2020 Burnin, Petit Biscuit, 2020

Tyler Evans - Production Designer

Rumors,Lizzo x Cardi B,2022 Rumors, Lizzo x Cardi B, 2022

Snooze,SZA,2023 Snooze, SZA, 2023

Nice To Have,070,2019 Nice To Have, 070, 2019

Cooped Up,Post Malone,2022 Cooped Up, Post Malone, 2022

Mark Connell - Production Designer

Break My Heart, Dua Lipa,2021 Break My Heart, Dua Lipa, 2021

The New Axe Effect,Axe,2021 The New Axe Effect, Axe, 2021

We've Got To Try,The chemical brothers,2019 We've Got To Try, The chemical brothers, 2019

Liam Moore - Production Designer

La Noche de Anoche,Rosalía x Bad Bunny, 2021 La Noche de Anoche, Rosalía x Bad Bunny, 2021

Welcome to my island,Caroline Polachek,2022 Welcome to my island, Caroline Polachek, 2022

I Drink Wine,Adele,2022 I Drink Wine, Adele, 2022

Watch,Billie Eilish,2017 Watch, Billie Eilish, 2017

Wesley Goodrich - Production Designer, Set Designer & Art Director

Attention,Doja Cat,2023 Attention, Doja Cat, 2023

Home To Another One,Madison Beer,2023 Home To Another One, Madison Beer, 2023

Until I Found You,Stephen Sanchez,2022 Until I Found You, Stephen Sanchez, 2022

Flowers,Miley Cyrus,2023 Flowers, Miley Cyrus, 2023

Get him back!,Olivia Rodrigo,2023 Get him back!, Olivia Rodrigo, 2023

Francesca di Mottola - Production Designer

Late Night Talking,Harry Styles,2022 Late Night Talking, Harry Styles, 2022

As I Really Am,Toyota,2019 As I Really Am, Toyota, 2019

Stop at nothing,Nike,2019 Stop at nothing, Nike, 2019

Nucalifornia - Production Designer

Paint The Town Red,Doja Cat,2023 Paint The Town Red, Doja Cat, 2023

Used to Know Me,Charlie XCX,2022 Used to Know Me, Charlie XCX, 2022

Gorilla,Little Simz,2023 Gorilla, Little Simz, 2023

Barbie World, Nicki Minaj x Ice Spice,2023 Barbie World, Nicki Minaj x Ice Spice, 2023

Agora Hills,Doja Cat,2023 Agora Hills, Doja Cat, 2023

John Richoux - Production Designer

Kiss Me More,Doja Cat,2021 Kiss Me More, Doja Cat, 2021

La Fama,Rosalía x The Weeknd,2022 La Fama, Rosalía x The Weeknd, 2022

Woman,Doja Cat,2021 Woman, Doja Cat, 2021

Never Felt So Alone,Labrinth,2023 Never Felt So Alone, Labrinth, 2023

Robin Brown - Visual artist & Production Designer

The G-Class Will Turn Electric,Mercedes,2021 The G-Class Will Turn Electric, Mercedes, 2021

The Diamond Journey,Diamond Producer’s Association,2021 The Diamond Journey, Diamond Producer’s Association, 2021

Chant Des Sirènes,Jean Paul Gauthier,2020 Chant Des Sirènes, Jean Paul Gauthier, 2020

Singularity,John Opkins,2018 Singularity, John Opkins, 2018

Iron Sky,Paolo Nutini,2014 Iron Sky, Paolo Nutini, 2014

Brandon Mendez - Set Designer

Black is King,2020 Black is King, 2020

Wap,Cardi B,2020 Wap, Cardi B, 2020

Levitating,Dua Lipa,2020 Levitating, Dua Lipa, 2020

Up,Cardi B,2021 Up, Cardi B, 2021

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