Introducing Image Mixer Beta

Posted on Apr 11, 2024 is ushering in a new era of creativity in 2024 with the release of an innovative suite of AI-powered tools.

After a successful beta period, is thrilled to unveil Image Mixer. This innovative tool empowers you to merge two images from our vast gallery. In mere seconds, the AI analyzes and harmonizes the aesthetics and composition of the stills you selected, resulting in instantly downloadable, unique visuals – no prompts needed, just a few clicks.

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How Does It Work?

Drag and drop images from the grid to the dock, adjust the slider, and choose the number of images you want to create. Then, witness the magic of Image Mixer.  Your generated images will be stored on the 'My Generations' page.



AI offers endless possibilities, sometimes mind-blowing, sometimes bewildering. Additionally, Image Mixer is currently in beta, meaning there may be occasional results that are approximate or unexpected. But rest assured - we are actively working to refine and improve its performance!

That's why, to ensure that your creative intentions lead to results that are as relevant and consistent as possible, here are a few tips to optimize your use of Image Mixer. It's not exhaustive, it's not set in stone. It's just some advice from the Flim Team.

Landscape & Settings

The blending of settings works wonders with Image Mixer, whether it's interiors, exteriors, or a combination of both. The AI superimposes the two images seamlessly, giving rise sometimes to dreamlike images, sometimes to highly realistic ones, depending on the iconography selected.

landcape & settings.png

Background & Patterns

A simple way of integrating elements into a composition is by juxtaposing an image containing figurative or narrative elements with another that leans towards minimalism or lacks narrative, such as a landscape or a pattern.

background & patterns 2.png

Grain & Texture

Beyond mere imagery, Image Mixer generates images imbued with the distinct aesthetic of the originals. This means that Image Mixer also considers the grain of the images / the graphic style. You can thus give your result a specific image grain by merging images from the same era or combining a recent image with an older one to achieve a vintage look. You can also have fun mixing animation with live-action, for instance.

grain & texture.png

AI Touch & Stylized Creation

Image Mixer also introduces an element of randomness, or 'magic', creating unique atmospheres and vibes, with less emphasis on composition and more on the mood. This aspect is particularly useful for generating out-of-the-ordinary images. It's both a matter of luck and often the result of merging two images with surreal, mystical iconographies. Give it a try!

ai touch & stylized creation.png

Play with the Slider

Adjust the Slider to determine the importance of images in your results.

play with the slider - 1.png

Barbarella, 1968 + What They Called Me, Rimon, 2020

play with the slider - 2.png

Twilight Zone: The Movie, 1983 + Twilight Zone: The Movie, 1983


First and foremost, we aim to clarify our position regarding the role of Generative Artificial Intelligence at Flim.

That is why we certify that:

- Generative AI at Flim is not intended to replace human creativity. We clearly distinguish between images generated by Flim's AI and original content. That is why images produced by Flim's AI’s tools will be systematically distinguished by a watermark.

- To prevent any misuse of these AI tools, our users will be required to adhere to a strict code of conduct. Specifically, we will not allow the generation of images containing child nudity, recognizable or existing individuals, and images that could be perceived as deep fakes.

- Finally, images generated by AI on Flim are not royalty-free and cannot be used for commercial purposes. We also commit that if copyright holders do not consent to the use of their images for generative AI purposes, we will immediately prevent generation with their content.

Learn more about our commitments.


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