Posted on Apr 7, 2024

We're Flim.ai. Founded by two creatives — a director and a producer — our vision is to provide artists with an endless source of cinematic imagery. Our ambition: to become a global reference for cinematic visual archives.

From the start, we embraced new technologies. Flim evolved into Flim.ai: a diverse database of images and videos powered by AI. Thus, we were ushering in a new era in visual research, offering a more inspiring and conceptual tool tailored to creative minds.

Now, we're taking it a step further by embracing Generative Artificial Intelligence into our project.


Flim.ai is a constantly evolving space, in tune with creatives and creativity.

As we continuously enrich our database with original content and new tools, we've eagerly observed the recent developments in AI, especially generative AI. However, we don't see it as a replacement for human creation or a means to replace original content. Instead, we view it as a complementary tool in the creative process.

AI represents an extension of creativity that aligns seamlessly with our mission: to inspire you.


Our goal is to provide creatives with a variety of tools to enhance their visual research, allowing for experimentation and effective communication of ideas.

While the concept of "infinite creation" is often discussed in the excitement surrounding generative AI, we acknowledge this potential while also regarding AI-generated works as "unfinished." We make a clear distinction between finished original works, central to our platform, and AI-generated works, intended to assist creatives in their process. That's why we will continue Flim.ai's core mission of introducing diverse original content while carefully integrating the capabilities of generative AI.

From inspiration to ideation, Flim assists you at every step of your creative process.


For all these reasons and convictions, we commit to:

  • Systematically and clearly distinguishing images generated by Flim's AI tools with a watermark.
  • Ensure that each user signs and adheres to a strict code of conduct.
  • Do not allow any generation of images containing child nudity, images containing recognizable or existing individuals, and images that could be perceived as deepfakes.
  • Prevent the generation of images with content from copyright holders who would not consent to the use of their images for AI generation purposes.
  • Do not authorize images generated by AI on Flim for commercial purposes. Generated images on Flim.ai are not royalty-free and are subject to the identical terms and conditions as the rest of the images on Flim.
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