Posted on May 28, 2024

Welcome to Boards, the new innovative workspace designed to streamline your creative process and where technology fuels creativity. This fresh approach to saving, organizing, and sharing your discoveries is tailored to enhance your workflow and foster collaboration.

The Boards system will be enriched with new features over time, as is currently undergoing a complete website update. Here's the first drop!

The Saved Page

One click, one central folder

The Saved System ensures that you always keep track of the content you interact with.

How does it work?

When you press the Saved icon to add images in a Board, they are automatically stored in your personal Saved folder. An easy way to revisit your favorite images and never lose an image again.


Remember: any image you choose to remove from your Saved will be fully removed from all of your Boards.

Watch the video to find out all about this new system.

The Boards

VISUAL CURATION - Smoothly explore content & build your Boards

The new interface offers versatile options to create Boards, seamlessly and quickly integrating into your workflow without disrupting your creative process.


You can now create a Board from either the visual grid or your dashboard, add or remove one or multiple images at a time, and much more.


To enhance your Boards, stay tuned for Prompt to Board and AI Suggestions- two AI-powered features coming soon. In the meantime, leverage the Find Similar tool for swift recommendations based on your selected visual.

BOARDS MANAGEMENT - Seamlessly organize your creative projects

The new dashboard offers a multitude of options for managing your creative projects by organizing sorting, filtering and customizing your Boards. In the same way, you can now sort the stills within each Board according to several criteria.


Overall, the new Boards system streamlines the curation process. From idea to project organization, it offers customizable features to improve your work.

FAVORITES - Always keep your ongoing Boards in sight

To highlight specific Boards and keep them in sight, mark them as favorites from the Board page.

As a result, they'll appear first in your dropdown menu when browsing for images.


COLLABORATION - Share your Boards with everyone, improve teamwork

Finally, Boards were designed to enhance teamwork and get insights. Many collaborative features will be added in the future. For now, enjoy essential functions like sharing as viewer or editor, and make your Boards public to reach a wider audience.


Sharing as viewer or editor: This feature is currently available only to those who already have a paid subscription.

Make Public: Everyone, including those without a account, can consult a public Board.

We hope our new Boards system transforms the way you work, whether you're solo or collaborating with your team, and allows you to create stunning curations that capture the essence of your creative vision.

Stay connected for more exciting updates as we continue to expand our features, and now experience the power of Boards for yourself!


To learn in details how the functionalities offered by the Boards work, please refer to our Help Center.

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