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TV Series now on Flim

Posted on Dec 1, 2021

We are very proud to announce this news, because since we launched Flim two years ago, we have managed to add movies, documentaries, music videos, anime, ads and now TV series. And you know what? We are by far the image database that collects the most TV series stills! More than 38.000 screenshots from 54 series are already available.

We are also the only database that collects all genres in one place. This is a part of our global vision of artistic inspiration and consequently what we want to create with Flim: a platform where all video creations can be linked and connected.

Nowadays, movies inspire other media and vice versa: the latest music video by Kanye West can be an inspiration for a TV series episode or an advertising for new shoes. It was therefore obvious to have TV series stills, especially in this time when they have become indispensable in contemporary visual culture.

From Netflix to HBO, from drama to anime, we have cult series like Dragon Ball Z, current releases like Arcane, but also more intimist series like Food Wars. And that's just the beginning! In the meantime, discover a part of our database with a selection of TV series stills we love.


Flim's tips: If you want to search for the images within one episode, it's possible thanks to a new filter we have specially designed. Try it with the first episode of Black Mirror for example.

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