Téléportation, Fischbach, 2022

This second part of July is focused on the latest ads and music videos.

Posted on Jul 19, 2022

Hello Again !

We have just dropped more than 16,000 screencaps on the database carefully selected to bring you what you need. Today, we are going to focus on our lastest ads and music videos which represent over 4,000 stills and 153 titles. We have in particular added numerous music videos from 2022 by Alaska, Director X, François Rousselet, Michael Hili and others.

Before showing you a selection of these new stills, we are also proud to introduce our new mobile version, which is even more relevant and easier to use. The mobile version is unlimited: you can search whatever you want and browse the entire database without restrictions, even if you are not registered, but HD images are still only available on desktop, as well as some features. You can try it out right now. We hope you will enjoy browsing on Flim anywhere and anytime.

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