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JANUARY NEW STILLS #2: New Ads and music videos from 2022

Posted on Jan 31, 2023

Time is up, New stills have arrived!

For the past two weeks, over 300 new ads have been added to Flim’s database, therefore now offering to you a wide range of 1575 diverse ads to discover. For the music video enthusiasts, we haven't started to forget about you, also 130 new music videos have been uploaded on Flim. Those are all focused on the year 2022 that we just left.

We have cautiously picked the right images for you to discover all this new content that we’re talking about. We hope you’ll enjoy discovering them as much as we loved picking them for you.

And when the time comes, thousands of new stills will turn into Video Cuts. So be sure to join our waitlist to be among the first ones to try it for free. First-come, first-served.

See you in two weeks for more great and inspiring shots.

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