On the Silver Globe, 1989

SEPTEMBER NEW SHOTS: Movies, Music Videos & Ads

Posted on Sep 12, 2023

More than 255 new movie titles, music videos, and ads have been added to Flim in the past month.

When it comes to commercials and music videos, our dedicated teams have been working hard to bring you trendy and fresh content. As for our movie collection, it spans various eras and nationalities. Flim's latest drop features a rich and diverse selection of films from around the globe: British underground films, Polish oddities, intimate Lithuanian dramas, dreamy-like Japanese movies, American classics, and much more.

Let's take a closer look at this new drop, with a focus on 'Herostratus' by Don Levy, a pioneering work of experimental cinema known for its avant-garde aesthetic. A disillusioned young man named Max plans to commit suicide but seeks notoriety instead by involving a marketing agency in his tragic act, ultimately challenging societal norms.

With its abstract imagery, psychedelic sequences, and non-linear narrative, 'Herostratus' offers a glimpse into the character's hallucinatory experiences and dreams, exploring existential themes in a modern, disorienting world.

We hope you find the unsettling yet dreamlike images of this film as captivating as we did.

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