Hiroshima Mon Amour - 1959

WTO #17Hands

by Virgile Guinard

Nov 28, 2022

Virgile Guinard is a French photographer, based in Paris. He first studied film before devoting himself fully to photography, keeping in mind the perpetual desire for movement that is found in his work. Within his photographic practice he is particularly interested in faces, stolen moments and moments of intimacy. For this selection he chose the theme Hands. He gave us interesting details about his choice :

It is quite naturally that I wanted to compile scenes from films that have nourished me where the language is silent, body but unequivocal. The selected images suggest tenderness, desire, violence or fantasy without saying a word.

Bad Blood - 1986Deliverance - 1972Hiroshima Mon Amour - 1959The Tales of Hoffmann - 1951Despair - 1978Amélie - 2001Lost Illusions - 2021Pierrot le Fou - 1965Annette - 2021The Piano - 1993Parasite - 2019Le Bonheur - 1965
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