Scarface, 1983

WTO #20Mafia & Gangsters

by Agustin Claramunt

Mar 1, 2023

For this Weekly Takeover, discover the selection curated by Agustin Claramunt around the theme of Mafia & Gangsters. Both Italian and Uruguayan, Agustin is an artist specified in cinematography. As a Director of Photography, he works on music videos, commercials and series and has been awarded on different occasions. He lately worked on the Tv series « Ringo: glory and decline » based in Argentina.
American Gangster, 2007Casino, 1995Scarface, 1983Scarface, 1983The Godfather, 1972Casino, 1995Gomorrah, 2008Touch of Evil, 1958A Most Violent Year, 2014The Godfather, 1972Goodfellas, 1990FightClub, 1999American Gangster, 2007The Godfather, 1972Goodfellas, 1990Roma, 1972Killing Them Softly, 2012
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