Phase IV - 1974

WTO #11Superimposition

by Marc de Pierrefeu

Mar 21, 2022

Marc de Pierrefeu is a French artist based in Paris. In his animated collages, he mixes film clips and his own images according to esthetic research and free associations, where video meets music and poetry. In 2020, he became artistic director of the agency le philtre, which he co-founded with Olivier Lalane, while developing his artistic activity. He curated for us a selection about the theme Superimposition.

Discover here a piece of his selection and check out our Highlights on Instagram to see all the stills he chose.

Ghost Dog The Way of the Samurai - 1999Raw - 2016The Wild Boys - 2017The Gates of Hell - 1980La Jetée - 1962The Godfather - 1972Tommy - 1975The Hired Hand - 1971The Swimmer - 1968Hackers - 1995
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