Posted on Dec 21, 2023

Focus on Artists, Stylists, MUA, & more

It’s Time - The celebration of 1 Million Stills on Flim & The 100 To Watch is drawing to a close. We hope you've enjoyed this event as much as we have.

Following our spotlight on numerous Directors, DOPs, Production Designers, and more, it's time for another facet of Art Direction to step into the limelight. Today we've handpicked artists, stylists, MUA, and more who've worked on 2023 music videos and campaigns that we've won't forget.

When music collides with high fashion and visual artists, when sports brands team up with the trendiest musicians of their generation, welcome to our final curation of 2023.

Larissa Bechtold & Clare Byrne for Troye Sivan

M76A7VTrmawcgPyyPXRY.png Rush, 2023

1221 (1).gif Got Me Started, 2023

Got me started and Rush appear to follow the same vein, featuring the same director and DOP. We can't talk about these clips without mentioning the stunning fashion outfits chosen by Clare Byrne and Larissa Bechtold . We love the gorgeous Swarovski crystal top Troye wears walking the streets of Bangkok as much as the eyelet-red Rabanne one in Rush. And of course, there's the utterly resplendent silver jumpsuit from Gucci's SS24 series, which incorporates tiny mirror squares to create an iridescent mirror ball outfit from head to toe, fully embracing the metallic look. Through these styles, Troye Sivan confirms that men's fashion is now more liberated and sexier than ever.

Billy Lobos for Eartheater

4BUvBxGPkhnqYMP2t8Zy.png Pure Smile Snake Venom

Anna Uddenberg_.png Anna Uddenberg @filet_minion_thong

Musician Eartheater is dressed by stylist and creative director Billy Lobos in a custom piece created by an artist the singer deeply admires and with whom she shares a great artistic affinity: sculptor Anna Uddenberg. Her work confronts female identity in consumer culture using sculpture and performance as visual platforms.

Jack Reynolds for Adidas Originals

Wr8HD1M6MFueLYVTgvYu.png ADIDAS ORIGINALS - Stormzy (Superstar)

lololkloo.jpeg ADIDAS ORIGINALS - Joy Crookes (Samba)

jude.png ADIDAS ORIGINALS - Jude Bellingham (Spezial)

2m1hnFP0CfAIGo50l3Ml.png ADIDAS ORIGINALS - Sam Fender (Gazelle)

We are celebrating Flim with 100 talents; Adidas did it with 1,000 stories. Their latest campaign, led by Creative Director Jack Reynolds (@drawren), showcases through numerous stories how running fuels creativity, inspires, and clears the mind. They collaborated with influential figures among the new generation, such as musicians Joy Crookes and Stormzy, filmed by director Yoni Lappin.

Oh Seong Seok & Ivan Núñez for Kali Uchis

yHKmcKtwWOSJXFygjA86.png I Wish you Roses

Oh Seong Seok IG 2_.png

Oh Seong Seok IG 1_.png I Wish you Roses

Kali Uchis’ body and flower-inspired make was designed by makeup artists Oh Seong Seok, who notably worked on floral studies and the transformation of the body into flowers, and Ivan Núñez, who utilized vibrant colors and a variety of textures, including jewels that resembled drops of dew to transform her into a human size flower.

Chelsea Delfino for Harry Styles

7uJkKDtMdPu4qlR24xHX.png Music For a Sushi Restaurant

chelseadelfino_sfx_ .png @chelseadelfino_sfx

chelseadelfino_sfx_.png @chelseadelfino_sfx

Lindsey Hartman's styling work and, above all, Chelsea Delfino's prosthetics, assisted by Jason Hamer (@hamer_fx), crafted the beautifully disturbing squid-like "mermaid" tail in just two weeks, making the crustaceans look more real than life. Santino Ferrese (@sffxstudios) sculpted, molded, and painted a total of 8 shrimp faces for the shrimp heads.

Anna Gloria Flores for Ashnikko

hzcQ7Ac6yDwdhB9G6bRD.png You Make Me Sick!

HYDRA Anna Gloria Flores .png @agf_hydra

Ashnikko wears designer Anna Gloria Flores' latex costumes, intended to mimic a human membrane. Flores used a chemical process to permanently alter the latex texture, resulting in a silky, smooth feel. The interlacing tubes and latex texture create an atmosphere that is both futuristic and organic.

Dabby Naval for Fatoumata Diawara

tpFFjXoL5YrU5SNn1IuC.png Nsera

oBoMZxbQ2GNUeGDEYDjS.png Nsera

‘Nsera’, or destination in Bambara, is an anthem to the landscapes, people and colors of Mali. This vision is reflected in the styling selections of Dabby Naval, who won the Uk Award for Best Music Video Styling in 2023. With an Afrofuturist touch and vibrant colors, the stylist combines ancient traditions with modernity.

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