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Posted on Apr 8, 2024 is ushering in a new era of creativity in 2024 with the release of an innovative suite of AI-powered tools. To kick things off, we are unveiling our groundbreaking updated search engine, designed to transform your search experience.

Now faster, more accurate, and more advanced, it's perfectly aligned with your visual mind, creative references or filmmaking needs. That means you can finally search for specific techniques such as composition or camera angles. It was already great, and now it's even better. Witness its power through before-and-after examples and get ready for a new level of searching that's in sync with your creative flow.

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One of our key objectives was to train our new search engine to grasp the intricacies of cinematic language and visual techniques. This means that on Flim, you not only benefit from technical filters, such as frame size and ratio, but you can also articulate your creative intent directly in the search bar. The engine is attuned to understand the complexities of filmmaking and artistic expression, allowing you to search for specific shot types, explore cinematic lighting, and refine your queries based on composition and more.

Shot Type

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With the latest update, our engine is attuned to contemporary cultural trends, embracing new aesthetics, pop culture, and recent film releases. For instance, what we particularly love at Flim are "aesthetics" and especially aesthetics from the internet. While our previous search engine recognized well-known ones, the new engine now encompasses a wide range of aesthetics which have gained popularity on platforms like TikTok. A fun way to make searches. We'll let you explore it yourself.



Finally, we were already very proud of our old search engine for simple or complex iconographic searches, but we've worked hard to make this update truly amazing. We've made sure that outgoing results are less "interpreted" by the AI and more in line with your actual intent. It's less random, much more exact. Less out of touch, more direct. And less dark. It's still Flim. Only better.


Enjoy this first release and get ready for the next wave of updates coming to Flim very soon.

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